Our team will serve you with our experience,  care,  knowledge and gentle  hands.
Dr. Sun, and Dr. Wang and the 11 Team members at 7 Riverview Drive, Guelph, Ontario look forward to welcoming you, your family, co-workers, neighbours and friends. 
We offer all aspects of Dental care while you are awake or comfortably sedated.
Different levels of sedation options are available
( Local anesthesia, Oral sedation, laughing gas sedation, IV sedation)
We are open from Monday to Friday with one
evening per week and two Saturdays per month 
Call us today for more info and booking appointment:
      519-824-8250  (Office)  

519-546-8229 (Text message only)     
Emergency Contact:
    Dr. Sun :                    519-830-7830
    中文 :                        519-830-7830
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