We Cater To Dental Cowards...
 Making You Happy Is Our Job!

Services provided:

New Patient Exams/Treatment Plan
all questions answered and estimates given

Dental Restorations
Implants, fillings, crowns/caps, veneers, bridges and etc-Long permanent methods to replace missing teeth.

Emergency Care
Trauma from accidents, acute toothaches, swollen areas, fractured tooth (usually same day)

Root canal Treatments

Oral Cancer Scan/Preventative treatments
Evaluate soft and hard tissue health and provide early diagnosis

Immediate, complete removable or partial removable

Gum/Periodontal Disease
Surgery, deep cleanings and antibiotic treatments

Oral surgery
all types of extractions-including removing complicated and impacted wisdom teeth. bone grafts and implant placements.

 Professional  whitening and/or take home Opalescence Go whitening tray kit
and syringes


Insurance Program Coordination.
Let our administrative team help you with your insurance benefits, understanding coverage, submitting estimates and coordinating payments...we make it easy for you!
or e-mail to @:

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